codesake is a collaborative platform that takes care about your code. Connect your github account and bring your code to the next level.

With codesake you will enjoy the benefits of automagically generated rspec tests, cucumber scenarios and security checks.

Masterclass security

You know, testing is important and you take care of it. codesake will bring you in the next level testing experience. You will be able to leverage software security defects while working on your source code. You will stay focused on your business, and we will take care about security.

Github integration

We do love github and we know that you love it too. So we will integrate with your github account in order you don't have to take care about another account. You log in into github and you'll have your repositories information here, in codesake. Your reviews will be pull requests on a custom automagically generated branch codesake will create for you.

Protect your business

Your code is your business, we will take care of it. codesake will work this way. The tool will create a custom branch from the tree you ask to be reviewed. We will work on it, making corrections if any and we'll push into github making you a pull request. We won't in any case store your code or retain valuable informations for you. Never.

Hopefully before Maya's end of the world prediction, will launch a private beta program. Be notified about the launch subscribing to early adopters mailinglist.

We will not spam you, expect no more than a couple of mails per month until December 2012. Promised

Join the beta program and see codesake improvements